Homeroom Teacher’s Report

Hi all!!
It has been long time since my last post. Finally i can write a post again. Hehehe… I’m not very good at English, but I really envy with people who speak and write in English. So I think I will just try it, here I go…

As you know, I’m a teacher. A newbie teacher. I became a teacher since January 2012. I teach 15 to 18 years old students. In that age, they have unstable personality, enthusiastic, always joke around, and often criticize others (including me, their teacher). In my second year of teaching, i was chosen to be a homeroom teacher of XI TKJ B.

xi tkj b
My class, XI TKJ B

When I was told to be a homeroom teacher, I was really nervous and scared. But more to the thought that can I make them to like me or not, can I make them close to me, will they hate me, and other bad thinking.

Is it just me or everyone else have the same thought as me that become a homeroom teacher is the hardest task as a teacher. It’s not just checking student attendance, grade, and behavior, but also be able to make them comfortable in class and of course in school.

I think my class is the one that has a very critical thinking among the other class. But sometimes they criticize in wrong time, wrong place, and wrong person. However, I still love them. Hahaha…

xi tkj b 2

When four of my students leave (move to other school or just quit) one after another, my eyes filled with tears and it hurt me so much. I failed to make them comfortable, return their learning spirit, and I feel like I failed as a teacher *i write this paragraph with teary eyes*. I hope that won’t happen again and I will try my best.

I think if a teacher love their student, they will survive although they are not comfortable with ‘something’ in school *If You Know What I Mean*, except that ‘something’ make a really uncomfortable situation :p

So far, i’m happy being a teacher and hopefully last for a long time 🙂

xii rpl bsc
Although i’m not their homeroom teacher, but i’m really thankful that they ask me to join their class photo
xi rpl bsc
Just a year, but thanks for your learning spirit. I’m really happy i can be one of your teacher

Just wait, i’m sure in the future there will be many meaningful moments and more photos with my students 🙂

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  1. Rinei

    June 11, 2014 at 6:22 am

    Seru ya jadi guru ca?
    Aku mah PPL aja udah ga betahan. Ga suka sama sistem sekolahnya sebenernya. Kalau ngajar mah aku jg suka~
    *jadi pengennya apa?*
    ^_^ keep happy ca!

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